Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This is Life

I have not been around much, don't know what happened really, except that summer turned into a long, long dry spell.  Six months of mostly fine weather, and a garden that could not be watered enough.

Okay, the garden might be a little bit of an excuse, but a gardens constant need for watering does consume a lot of time, especially when the soil seems to let go of moisture quicker than soak it up. Strange because I didn't think this summer was extremely hot, or have I lived through too many hot summers to notice, what I did notice was that my plants were always dry.

To go with the garden I spent time learning how take better pictures with my camera, You Tube tutorials, need more be said.  A few story ideas to work on, and are still going, all take more time than I thought they would.  Then before I knew it, days turn to weeks and weeks to months, and I realized I have taken too much time off from my blog.

I was planning to do more, but then I don't seem to be all that organized this year.  Or I have to much I want to do and nothing gets done.  Seems to be life these days.